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Скрипт кач на хрониках GOD Ertheia 1-85 лвл
Sonik · Offline · Дата: Пятница, 18.12.2015, 20:03 | Сообщение # 1

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[GoD]Ertheia 1-85 leveling script - скрипт для авто прокачки персонажа, рекомендуется использовать мага, тк с воина бывают некоторые глюки, так же рекомендуется избегать дисконектов из игры скрипт полсе дисконекта не сможет продолжаться.

Инфа от автора можете скопировать и перевести с помощью гугл переводчика или яндекс или другим.


I have stopped botting on Core almost a year ago and have finally decided to "share" the scripts that did me in and acquired me an auto-ban from Innova. Of course this is most likely because I created countless characters each day, using this, and not because of how the script actually works

The script is super long but basically takes your Ertheia character through the leveling and quests to 85 (and subclass! ). I used it mostly to level wizards because they were easier and faster, and in the end I only cared about subclassing them to Wynn Summoners anyway. Because of this favouring, the Wizard script does actually do all of this fancy stuff, while the Warrior_C script stops around 76 as the characters just can't keep lvling in C grade effectively anymore. The Warrior_A script continues to 85 and does the change quests.

So to summarise:
1. Make an Ertheia character
2. Run 1-40 script (this will level the character up, do the quests, get the EQ, buy SOE/shots etc). Your character should be standing in front of the NPC in Faeron Village.
3. Run 40-76 script, character will go to Gludio (buy SOE/shots etc), then Dion, then Cruma and continue leveling up.

When on quests, script can easily break if you disconnect etc. It can't really recover so try avoiding this

When leveling up in spots 40-85, the script will recover if you are in the right city for that level range:
40-54 Faeron, Dion, Oren
54-64 Oren, Aden
64-70 Aden, Goddard
70+ Goddard

Finally - these scripts worked well in Ertheia update, but I have not installed L2 since then so I do not know how do they behave in the latest update. If you want to, you can fix the scripts yourself. I will provide no much further support.

Also - please edit all instances of YOUR BOT FOLDERin all of the scripts to what it's supposed to be for you.
Прикрепления: Ertheia_1-85.zip (150.4 Kb)

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